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More Spas than Cities

Thailand has over 700 operating spas! In 2009, the Intelligent Spa Benchmarking Report found that the country hosts the largest number of spas in the region.


Liposuction also called 'lipoplasty' is a cosmetic procedure involving surgery that aims to remove fat deposition from sites such as the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, neck, arms and elsewhere.

Liposuction can be used to contour the body into an agreeable shape and make it proportionate. The procedure is performed with the help of a liposuction machine and special instruments called cannulas. There are mainly three kinds of liposuction.

  • Fluid injection- The most common type, a large amount of medicate solution is injected into the area. This fluid contains a local anesthetic, a drug to contract blood vessels and an intravenous salt solution to help in fat removal.
  • Superwet technique- Takes less time but requires general anesthesia or sedation with an IV.
  • Ultrasound assisted liposuction- Ultrasound vibrations are used to liquify fat cells. The fat is then suctioned out. Laser assisted liposuction has also been developed and has become very popular.

    • Length
      • Benefits
        • Who is an ideal candidate
          • Who is not an ideal candidate?
            • Recovery
              • Preparing your surgery
                • Anesthasia
                  • Risks / Complications / Side effects
                    • After your surgery
                      • Post Operative Care
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                          Featured Liposuction Providers Abroad

                          Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

                          Budapest, Hungary

                          Languages: English, Hungarian

                          Aesthetic Plastic Surgery helps you to materialize your ideas at any field of the beauty intervention.

                          The breast augmentation is one of the most current and requested processes. The si...

                          National Taiwan University Hospital

                          Taipei, Taiwan

                          Accreditation: JCI

                          Languages: English, Chinese

                          The patients who have experienced our service are all satisfied with the medical quality, price and efficiency.

                          In 2010, National Taiwan University Hospital has been accredited by Joint...


                          Baja California, Mexico

                          Languages: English, Spanish

                          CosMed has over 30 years of combined practice to assure that your surgical procedure is successful.

                          Our staff is representative of the highest caliber of surgeons, anesthesiologists, de...

                          Hospital Moinhos de Vento

                          Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

                          Accreditation: JCI

                          Languages: English, Portuguese

                          Hospital Moinhos de Vento was founded in 1927, which means 81 years of tradition, quality and excellence in processes and services.

                          Our Institution is nationally and internationally rec...

                          ELYZEA COSMETIC SURGERY

                          Brussels, Belgium

                          Languages: English, French

                          Welcome to ELYZEA COSMETIC SURGERY, one of the leading private Clinics in Europe, based in Brussels, Belgium. 

                          Our unique concept is…Consultation and free post-operative aft...
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