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Medical Tourism is Thriving in India

Especially in the country’s healthcare capital, Chennai, where the cost of treatment is sometimes 1/10th of what it runs you in America or the UK, and where scores of specialty hospitals attract an estimated 150 Medical Tourists every day!

Cheek Implant

A cheek implant is a surgical procedure to emphasize the cheeks. Sunken cheeks are filled out and facial contours improved by placing solid implants in the face. But there are options where surgery is not involved such as fat transfers and injectable fillers.

In case of solid implants, the implant is placed over the cheek bones. The most common implant is made of silicone. Cheek implants are usually performed to correct congenital deformities, age related bone issues and trauma to the face.

Non invasive cheek implants are usually made of the patient's own fat, taken from another area on the body or soft tissue fillers. Cheek implants can make a person look more attractive and give a youthful look to the face.

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                          Featured Cheek Implant Providers Abroad

                          Bangkok Plastic Surgery Clinic

                          Bangkok, Thailand

                          Languages: Thai, French, German, Spanish, Korean, English, Arabic, Chinese

                          Welcome to Bangkok Plastic Surgery Clinic, under the direction of board certified surgeon, Dr. Pichet Rodchareon. As one of Thailand’s top experts in the aesthetic surgical operation, he and the...


                          Baja California, Mexico

                          Languages: English, Spanish

                          CosMed has over 30 years of combined practice to assure that your surgical procedure is successful.

                          Our staff is representative of the highest caliber of surgeons, anesthesiologists, de...

                          NTT Medical Center Tokyo

                          Tokyo, Japan

                          Accreditation: JCI

                          Languages: English, Japanese

                          We take pride in delivering optimum services remembering always that each patient is our ultimate customer.

                          The goal of the NTT Medical Center Tokyo is, as the symbol of social contribu...

                          Tropicana Medical Centre

                          Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

                          Accreditation: ISO 9001

                          Languages: English

                          Tropicana Medical Centre (TMC) is the flagship hospital of TMC Life Sciences Berhad. We aim to be the premier healthcare provider of comprehensive and affordable health care services. To achieve that,...

                          Bangkok Hospital Pattaya

                          Pattaya/Chonburi, Thailand

                          Accreditation: ISO 9001, JCI, HA

                          Languages: Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, French, Flemish, Italian, German, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Tagalog, Thai, Urdu

                          As one of the health care institutions, under the Bangkok Hospital Group, for Thailand’s medical tourism, we are recognized as a tertiary hospital – a highly awarded status representing th...
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