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VILLA MATRIX (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Contact Information

  • Medinat Hayehudim St.
  • Herzliya
  • +972 50 223 0860
  • +972 77 414 2340

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VILLA MATRIX Introduction


Villa Matrix is an established private premium rehab center in Israel focused on treating various addictions with specific and effective, traditional and modern therapies for patients in need of individual care with problems of alcoholism, narcotics, internet, eating disorders, gambling, dual diagnosis and other destructive compulsive behaviors.

Villa Matrix offers a chance to get away from the distractions and triggers commonly found in everyday life and toxic environments, and allow the patient to recuperate and focus on getting physically and mentally restored to health. Our patients come from all over the world, including Israel, North and Latin America, UK, Russia, Europe, South Africa and Australia.

Our treatment facility is located in Hertzliya, in a discreet, private and fully luxurious villa only 10 minutes away from Tel Aviv. Villa Matrix provides its clients with a relaxed and comfortable rehabilitation environment with the highest, most exclusive treatment level available in Israel within optimum living conditions.

Villa Matrix provides a holistic, comprehensive but individualized treatment approach, combining psychotherapy and advanced alternative treatments.  We have a "finger on the pulse" when bringing help and hope to individuals and their families affected by alcoholism, drug addiction and other disorders or compulsive behaviors. Alcoholics, addicts, and their loved ones who require treatment begin an exciting journey toward a new life at Villa Matrix.

Villa Matrix offers a combined range of treatments, from medical attention and psychological care to guidance and inspiration, customizing each of our tested and effective methods into a personalized treatment plan that will work best for each individual patient.  

Every person who turns to Villa Matrix for help comes with a unique personal history and set of circumstances. The individual's alcohol and drug treatment plans will be influenced by a number of factors including family history, type of addiction, gender, physical health, and other variables.

Language Support:

English, Hebrew, Arabic

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