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Turkey Leads The West

Western medical tourism is taking off, and Turkey is leading the charge! With 51 JCI accredited hospitals, it is leading the European medical tourism industry as of December 2013.

New Life Bridge (San Jose, Costa Rica)

Contact Information

  • New Life Bridge Alcohol and Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Center
  • San José
  • +506 2213 4837
  • 24 Hour support

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New Life Bridge Introduction


New Life Bridge Alcohol and Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Center in Costa Rica

Let us be your bridge to a new abundant life with many possibilities. Focused on treating the minds, and bodies of those in need of alcohol / drug / heroin rehabilitation. We help men and women challenged by addiction to regain control of their lives. We promise you an enjoyable and memorable get away from the challenges you have been experiencing. Our treatment center has a warm, friendly, hospitable atmosphere. It is tropical and casual, in addition to being secure and private. It has Internet access and fitness equipment.

The views are spectacular, and you will find yourself surrounded by lush, tropical vegetation. It is a naturally tranquil, peaceful and relaxing setting. The location is ideal for taking the time to regroup, renew and rejuvenate. Take the time. Enjoy the view. Change your life. You deserve it! All of the rooms are individual, with full bathrooms, hot and cold water, TVs and DVDs. In addition, there are walking paths near the place that will take you through the refreshing rain forest, along babbling brooks to places where you will enjoy the panoramic views of mountain ranges, and forested valleys.

Language Support:

English, Spanish

Payment Options:

Cash, Bank Transfer

Insurance & Managed Care:


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