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Alkali Life Center (Istanbul, Turkey)

Contact Information

  • Erenköy Mahallesi Şemsettin Günaltay Caddesi Kaptan Arif Sokak Köşem Apt. No:137/5
  • Kadikoy
  • +90 216 410 30 80

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Alkali Life Center Introduction


In recent years, one of the important developments of  the complementary medicine is to be noticed that the  pH balance of the body has a vital importance for health.

In some studies related to this subject, some changes are observed like improvement of health , strengthening of the immun system, raising the energy level of the body and slowing the aging process as a result of improvement pH balance of the body.

So , defining how is the acid-alkaline balance of the body and correcting this  unbalanced  situation allows that to be improve present health problems. Besides this, it makes easy to overcome with the illnesses.In conclusion, this allows the   person feel ownself  full of energy, healthy and happy life.

Being a healthy person in point of physical, emotionel and mental health and keeping this condition is the the highest priority of the human being. But to keep these health conditions  by whole aspects is going to be hard because of the living away from naturelness  in our century. Because of  the stress, enviromental pollution, highly rafined  and packed foods that have long time self life, eating habits like fast-food, breathing polluted air , we expose to a wide range of toxins.In addition that inadequate sleep and  not enough fresh air have  bad effects on the acid-alkaline balance of the body. As a result of  all these negative effects, some symptoms of the diseases have been appeared and some illnesses in long term .

Alkali Life Center, was set up by Neurologist Dr.Mehmet Emin ÇAKIR and Clinical Biochemist Emine AKIN ÇAKIR in 2012. Our purpose as Alkali Life Center  is  to show up what are the effects of both diet and life habits on the acid-alkali balance of the body with the  analyses specific for each person, considering the principle that the every person has own biological and biochemical individuality in the world.  According to  these results we  try to restore this balance at the optimum level to become healthy.
It is possible that the person  is able to  understand the properties of his or her body by these applications in our center. So, the person will be able to make a habit of  choosing right decisions all about the subjects associated with health, especially  with the diet. This situation  firstly  effects the person’s health and secondary health of the family members.

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