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Your Healthcare Holiday Dollars go Farther in Thailand

Medical costs in the West are skyrocketing and patients are flocking to Asia to save, particularly to Thailand where outlays for treatment are generally five to ten times less than what they’d be in the US and Europe.

VISSUM Madrid Santa Hortensia (Madrid, Spain)

Contact Information

  • C/ Santa Hortensia, 58
  • Chamartín
  • +34 91 510 6635, +34 90 218 1828

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VISSUM Madrid Santa Hortensia Introduction


The view is one of the most important senses. However, its decline can affect us along our lives. When that time comes, the best reward is knowing that you are right with the professionals who care for your eyes.

Welcome to VISSUM. We are an organization in charge of taking care of your eyes.

VISSUM Ophthalmology Corporation; takes care of your eyes in the most secure and reliable way.

Every year we diagnose and treat more than 45.000 new patients, carrying out more than 150.000 medical examinations and 18.500 surgeries. A trajectory where research plays a fundamental role to give the best healthcare service.

VISSUM is an unique Spanish private institution in the  field of medical ophthalmology which has a department entirely devoted to R&D. Research is one of the mainstays of our service. For this reason, we are researching, developing new procedures and incorporating new technology able to give an early diagnose and treat eye problems even better.

Highlight Treatment:

- Refractive laser surgery
- Treatment for Myopia

Language Support:

English, Spanish

Payment Options:


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