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Taipei Eye Clinic (Taipei, Taiwan)

Contact Information

  • 1st Floor, Number 28, Lane 313, Fuxing North Road
  • Songshan
  • +88 62 2546 2219
  • +88 62 2546 2192
  • Mon. – Sat: 11a.m. - 8a.m., Closed on Sundays

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Taipei Eye Clinic Introduction


After years in perfecting technical methods to create special contact lenses and specialty corneal correction contact lenses for children, Dr. Richard Wu decides to return to Taiwan in 1996 to establish a research and educational institution for eye care professionals in Taiwan.  With back ground degree in Doctor of Optometry (O.D.) and trained as an optometric physician in USA, Dr. Wu also assisted two major technical universities in Taiwan to start Optometry division, which did not exist at the time.  Dr. Wu believes optometry has a place in clinical environment and also has very much growth potential to fill in the gap between ophthalmologists and traditional optical shops.  Since 1999 Dr. Wu has been invited by International Special Olympic Committee to serve as eye-care specialist for greater china area, nurturing training programs for specialized ophthalmologists/optometrists, and participates in optometric medicine and eye care program development in many Asia countries.  Taipei Professional Optometry Center (TPOC) was established in 1996 and provides utmost professional and comprehensive American Optometric services in Taiwan, with a strong clinically trained optometrist team to bring the best and newest eye care knowledge to the public.

Regularly preventive eye checkup and proper eye hygiene is of monumental importance, thus TPOC invites Dr. Joseph Wu, ophthalmologist, to join and formed Taipei Eye Clinic (TEC) in 2012 to further expand our services.  With most of Asia’s eye clinic services are mainly focused on treating symptoms and diseases, many of the eye problems are not treatable nor at times suitable via medication and operations alone, thus our clinic believes in preventative eye care is of utmost importance.  We are the only eye clinic in Asia pioneering on preventive eye care procedures to help prevent blindness and visual impairments.

TEC is an international eye clinic located in downtown Taipei providing comprehensive eye or vision care to both English and Chinese speaking population in greater china area.  We offer a quiet, private and comfortable environment for all our patients so an appointment is needed for each visit.  With our highly specialized equipments and foreign trained (US, UK and Australia) doctors and optometrists, we can start examine new born infants up to 3 years old for eye developmental issues and diseases to prevent common lazy eye and eye turn.  For 3 to 6 year olds, pre-school eye exam for checking visual developmental milestones ensure learning is not hampered by vision problems.  From 6 years old until late teens, regular vision checkup is needed to help prevent nearsightedness or to slow down its progress to avoid high myopia in the future.  For the 20’s up to 40 years old, yearly eye exam is advised to prevent early presbyopia and educate how to reduce eye-strain from close distance computer screens and mobile devices.  Those 40 years and older also needs yearly eye exams to maintain good quality of life as well as managing any symptoms of near vision disorders.  Finally, for those who is 60 years and older, annual eye check can help prevent major eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataract, age related macula degeneration which can lead to blindness.

Giving back to the profession, TEC is also a full time teaching eye clinic where we provide education to next generation eye care practitioners, attending and publishing papers at the various international ophthalmology and optometrist conferences around the world.  We dedicate part of our time toward community services as we organize free eye care and spectacle services to Special Olympic Chinese Taipei, schools for mental retardation as well as working with other medical volunteer services to provide our expertise throughout Asia region.

Language Support:

English, Chinese

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