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India Welcomes Medical Tourists with New Visa

India’s new M-type visas is good news for medical tourists. The visas are valid for a full year and are issued to accompanying companions and family members.

Drs. Kaku's Office (Tokyo, Japan)

Contact Information

  • 5-9-23 Hiroo
  • Shinjuku-ku
  • + 81 3 5449 3308
  • Wed, Thu, Every Other Fri & Every Other Sun: 10.30 a.m - 19.00 pm

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Drs. Kaku's Office Introduction


We are pleased to offer a wide variety of dental services in a professional and friendly atmosphere. Drs. John and Maori Kaku were both educated and trained in the United States.

Their unique skills and techniques learned in the US cannot be found anywhere else in Tokyo.

Dr. John Kaku is one of the world leader of Non-Extraction Orthodontics. We provide the non-extraction orthodontics for prevention and aesthetic point of view. We offer the orthodontic treatment from children with mixed dentition condition to adult.

Language Support:

English, Japanese

We have office in:

- Yoyogi-Uehara/ Japan
- Hiroo/ Japan 

Major Patients came from:

English, Japanese

Payment Options:


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