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Drawing most of its patients from the rapidly developing economies of India, China and Indonesia, Malaysia’s health tourism increased by 15% in 2013. 

Goldenhersh (Jerusalem, Israel)

Contact Information

  • 15 Kanfei Nesharim St.
  • Jerusalem District
  • +972 2652 2238

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Goldenhersh Introduction


General dermatology, adult and pediatric – all aspects of dermatology including acne, hair loss, psoriasis, eczema, warts, allergic reactions, skin cancers etc. are diagnosed and treated. We emphasize preventive care and regularly perform skin checks for early detection and treatment.

Dr. Goldenhersh receives patients through Kupot Holim Meuchedet and Macabbi. He is a consultant for Leumit Mashlim. He accepts private patients as well. He is fluent in English and Hebrew.

Dermatological surgery- removal of skin lesions for both medical and cosmetic reasons are carefully and gently performed.

Skin pathology (dermatopathology) laboratory service – when biopsies or surgical excisions are performed, the microscopic analysis of the specimen is done by Dr. Goldenhersh, who is a certified skin pathologist (U.S. board certification).

Laboratory fungal testing – when a fungal infection of the skin is suspected, Dr. Goldenhersh performs a fungal microscopic test in his office laboratory during the consultation and renders an immediate diagnosis.

Language Support:

English, Hebrew, Arabic

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