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Americans Would Rather Travel Than Pay High Costs

Affordable, quality care apparently trumps the commitment to travel. Approximately 50 million uninsured Americans are choosing medical tourism rather than pay for medical care in the US.

Dermatology Clinic Arosemena (Panama City, Panama)

Contact Information

  • Tower C, 1st Floor, Office No. 1
  • Panama
  • +507 269 6426
  • +507 263 3408

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Dermatology Clinic Arosemena Introduction


We are a group of trained and duly credited physicians and paramedic personnel that seek to provide the best attention possible in the areas of Clinical Dermatology, Cosmetic Dermatology and Plastic Surgery.

We can proudly state that our medical personnel have a constant training in the latest technologies. We take care of every skin problem with an integrated and scientific approach.

Our slogan: “Place yourself in the hands of the experts”… is not casual since it is the product of a reputation based on continuous and permanent investigation. We do not offer illusions, we offer medicine based on evidence supported by our vast expertise.

Language Support:

English, Spanish

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