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Malaysia a Mecca for Medical Tourists!

Drawing most of its patients from the rapidly developing economies of India, China and Indonesia, Malaysia’s health tourism increased by 15% in 2013. 


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  • Hundekehlestraße 32
  • Schmargendorf
  • +49 30 8109 5960

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The private CHIRURGIA AESTHETICA in Berlin is one of the most modern Schmargendorf beauty clinics in Germany.Here you will find discussions, examinations, treatment, surgery, inpatient care and finishing under one roof instead. The senior physician Dr. Kümpel leads the discussions, processes and operations by himself.

Do not worry, our surgical team is highly qualified and may, at the request and election procedures, the special care specialist. Here there is no rush, as in a hospital document, no stress and no mass release as in a large hospital. We do not go so far and call it feel-good surgery. But you feel the experienced routine, each exactly right. And all necessary medical and technical equipment are available.

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English, German

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