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Save Your Heart and Your Bank Account

Heart surgery can break the bank. An American heart bypass procedure can cost a patient over $144,000. Patients are finding medical tourism a more sensible option, with an Indian heart bypass procedure only costing around $5,200.

DBC Spine Clinic & Gym (Bangkok, Thailand)

Contact Information

  • 2nd Floor, LifeCenter, Q.House Lumpini Building, South Sathorn Road.
  • Sathorn
  • +662 677 7255
  • +662 677 7254
  • Daily Open 11.00 am. - 20.00 pm.

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DBC Spine Clinic & Gym Introduction


DBC Spine Clinic & Gym is the first in Thailand to offer DBC 's functional restoration program.
This treatment has greater than 80% success rate in all DBC clinics around the world in the past 10 years.
The key components of the programs ,namely  cognitive behavioural support and active rehabilitation are now accepted to be the most effective therapies for chronic spinal pain problems.
Our clinic also offer "conventional" or "passive" therapies such as dry needling, traction machine, hot pack compression, shortwave diathermy , ultrasound therapy and electrotherapy.
For Out-of-town clients we can coordinate booking of serviced apartments in the nearby region during the treatment period.

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DBC Spine Clinic & Gym Videos

DBC Spine Clinic & Gym