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North York General Hospital (Toronto, Canada)

Contact Information

  • 4001 Leslie Street
  • Ontario
  • +1 416 756 6000
  • 24 hour emergency

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North York General Hospital Introduction


North York General Hospital (NYGH) is one of Canada's leading community academic hospitals. We provide an exceptional care experience for our patients and their families, and have proudly served our diverse communities in North Toronto, and beyond, since 1968.

NYGH offers a wide range of acute care, ambulatory and long-term care services at 3 sites: the General Site (4001 Leslie Street); the Branson Ambulatory Care Centre (555 Finch Avenue West); and Seniors' Health Centre (2 Buchan Court). Our regional programs serve all of south central Ontario.

The hospital partners with 36 different academic institutions, including the University of Toronto, to prepare future physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals to work in interprofessional teams, providing essential care in a community hospital setting. NYGH programs are the training site for 4 core clerkship programs and we provide a site for core rotations to 22 different University of Toronto Residency Programs. In addition, 247 physicians at NYGH have faculty appointments in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto. Almost 70% of all the hospital-based physicians have a faculty appointment.

Our staff, physicians and volunteers have a history of transforming healthcare to better serve our patients. We are leaders who adopt the most innovative health information technology, strategists who carefully chart patient flow and find ways to reduce wait times, and visionaries who dream of, and work towards, the ideal patient experience. From boardroom to bedside, we go above and beyond to offer the best and safest care. We put our patients first in everything we do.

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