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Numerous Thai Hospitals Have Earned Prestigious JCI Accreditation

And the first to meet Joint Commission International standards in the whole of Asia was Bangkok’s celebrated Bumrungrad International Hospital, meaning it was the first Asian facility to pass muster in over 350 international standards on their rigorous checklist.

Hunan Children's Hospital (Hunan, China)

Contact Information

  • No. 86, Ziyuan Road
  • Changsha
  • +86 731 8560 0973, +86 731 8535 6036
  • +86 731 8535 6666
  • 24 hour emergency

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Hunan Children's Hospital Introduction


Hunan Children’s Hospital is located in the ancient Changsha  and started its medical service in 1987. It is a Class-A Grade Three and comprehensive children’s hospital with the authentication of Iso9001/14001 quality & environment system. It is integrated with pediatric medical health care, rehabilitation, scientific research and teaching. Hunan Children’s Hospital has 1800 beds and more than 2000 employees in 37 clinic departments, 8 medical technical divisions and 27 out-patient clinics. There are one national key clinic specialty of pediatric critical care, and five provincial key subjects of pediatric emergency, neonatology, pediatric surgery, pediatric health care and rehabilitation in the hospital. There are four important centers including Hunan Pediatric emergency center, Rehabilitation Center of Cerebral Paralysis, Adolescence Medical Center, Prevention and Treatment Center of Children’s Optometry, Strabismus and Amblyopia.

Hunan Children’s Hospital is the only national Pediatric foreign aid organization. It has held 12 foreign aid training courses sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce successfully science 2006, it cultivated 303 medical staff from 50 developing countries. Hunan Children’s Hospital attaches great importance to the international cooperation and communication. Every year outstanding international pediatric experts were invited to attend the international academic forums in the hospital. It has established the “Childhood Autism Research and Cooperation Center” with New York Basic Research Institute; and “Children’s Cancer Center” with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles in USA. Currently, Hunan Children’s Hospital is undergoing the application of JCI accreditation that stepping into the international track.

The first pocket-size neonatal baby with 500gram weight rescued successfully in 2006, the youngest conjoin twins separated and rescued successfully in 2009 and we separated more complicated conjoin twins in 2011 again.

We established the Chinese Science literature Statistics Periodical《Clinical Pediatric Surgery Magazine》, held 22 national continuing medical education projects. Besides, we also established the Pediatric College affiliated to South China University. It became the post-graduate cultivated base of Hua Zhong Science University Tong Ji Medical University. The first created pediatric emergency model is spread domestically and internationally which was awarded with Chinese Song Qinglin Pediatric Medical Prize. The research project of “Pediatric Emergency Treatment Related Research and Generalization Application” is the first pediatric research project supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology under “Twelfth Five-Year” planning in 2011, and obtained 2.3 million RMB research funds. Since 2011, under the support from the provincial department of health, Hunan Children's Hospital held 20 training program of  “Pediatric emergency Technology Application” , it spread 17 pediatric emergency technologies for 14 local and county medical institutions and trained over 2000 medical staff.

In recent years, the hospital had won a lot of honors which include the “Advanced Group of National Health Systems”, “Advanced Unit of National Medicine and Health System”, “National Reliable Demonstration Hospital”, “National Labor Award”, and many other national awards. And it had received the honors of “Advanced Unit in the Annual Assessment” from the Provincial Health Department many times.

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English, Chinese

No. of Beds and Rooms:

- Total beds: 1800

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