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Americans Would Rather Travel Than Pay High Costs

Affordable, quality care apparently trumps the commitment to travel. Approximately 50 million uninsured Americans are choosing medical tourism rather than pay for medical care in the US.

Hospital Santa Fe (Panama City, Panama)

Contact Information

  • Calle 36 A Oeste
  • Curundú
  • +507 227 4733
  • +507 227 3019
  • 24 hour emergency

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Hospital Santa Fe Introduction


Hospital Santa Fe is the only hospital in Panamá that offers Health Care Plans designed to fit every individual patient's unique needs.

Hospital Santa Fe has a long and proud history of providing high quality health care to our patients. With over 25 years of experience, our hospital staff is determined to make patient comfort their highest priority. You can rest assured that you and your loved ones will receive nothing less than the best health care possible.
Hospital Santa Fe is a health care organization that works closely with the private medical insurers in Panama. We also receive patients with insurance coverage from other countries. Because of our proximity to the Panama Canal, we are the principal health care provider to tourists and crewmembers from ships making the transit of the canal. A good percentage of our patients are from countries abroad, making us increasingly known in the "health tourism" industry.
Hospital Santa Fe offers its own health care plans, including one designed for persons of retirement age. These health care plans are very affordable and do not require deductible payments in order to receive treatment.

Language Support:

English, Spanish

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