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Growth of Worldwide Medical Tourism Market

The worldwide medical tourism market is estimately growing at a rate of 25-35% annually. The high cost of health care and long wait times for some procedures still remain the major factors for growth.

AceMedTour (Toronto, Canada)

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  • 1 Yonge Street, Suite 1801
  • Ontario
  • +1 800 905 6515, +1 647 778 3074

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AceMedTour Introduction


It is our mission to bring together clients and highly qualified doctors/surgeons at some of the most advanced medical facilities in the world at affordable rates. By combining excellent service with affordable, top quality medical service we are certain to benefit many individuals. 

Working with clients seeking medical treatment in another country requires not only commitment but experience and skill. Our team of consultants brings to the table avast background of expertise including the medical field, tourism and client/patient advocacy to guide and assist our clients. Our highly skilled staff acts as a client's advocate to assure that you, the client, has in depth information about the medical procedures available and the Physicians/Surgeons administering them so that you can make an educated choice.

We offer a network of dedicated Client Advocates, Coordinators and Case Managers and superior medical staff who strive to ensure that our clients are educated about the process, not only before and during, but also after their travel abroad. At all times we will be consistent in maintaining communication with our clients, facilitate interaction with the doctors including, pre-op conferences via the phone and post-op care. Whether in your country or abroad, our staff is easily accessible via phone or internet to minister to our clients comfort.

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Services & Rate:

Plastic Surgeries
- Breast Implants
- Breast Lift Surgery
- Breast Reduction Surgery
- Breast Reduction through Liposuction
- Eyelid Lift Surgery
- Facelift Surgery
- Forehead Lift Surgery
- Hair Transplant Surgery
- Lip Implants Surgery
- Ear Pinning Surgery
- Buttock Augmentation
- Liposuction Surgery
- Male Breast Reduction Surgery
- Abdominoplasty Surgery

Medical Procedures
- Hernia
- Spinal Fusion
- Endoscopic Spine Surgery
- Back Surgery (Laparoscopic)
- Aneurysm Treatment
- Abnormal Blood Vessels Surgery
- Clot Removal Surgery
- Epilepsy Surgery
- Tumor Surgery
- Endoscopic Brain Surgery
- Oncology Surgery
- Chemotherapy
- Radiology
- Colonoscopy
- Colectomy
- Ear Infection Surgery (Mastoldectomy)
- Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) Surgery
- Tonsillectomy
- Hysterectomy
- Total Mastectomy
- In Vitro Fertilization
- Tubular Reversal
- Angiography
- Angioplasty
- Bypass Surgery
- Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG)
- Cardiac Stress Test
- Comprehensive Cardiac Check-Up
- Double Valve Replacement
- Open Heart Surgery
- Single Valve Replacement
- Heart Valve Surgery
- Hip Resurfacing
- Total Hip Replacement
- Endoscopic CBD Stone Removal
- Kidney Stone Treatment (Lithotripsy)
- Kidney Stone Treatment (Lithotripsy)
- Double Knee Replacement
- Single Knee Replacement
- Meniscus Knee Repair
- Arthroscopic Treatment
- Surgical Management of Arthritis
- Ligament Repair & Reconstruction
- Orthopedic Surgery
- Pediatric Surgery
- Appendix Surgery (Appendectomy)
- Bariatric Surgery (Laparoscopic)
- Gallbladder Removal (Cholecystectomy)
- Endoscopic Stenting for Pancreatic Structure
- Gastro Intestinal Laparoscopic Surgery (Gastric Bypass)
- Peripheral Vascular Treatment
- Thoracic & Pulmonary Surgery
- Vascular Surgery
- Dental

Health and Wellness Programs
- Anti-Aging 
- Addiction 
- Acupuncture
- Beauty & Cosmetics 
- Ayurvedic Medicine
- Hydrotherapy 
- Chronic Disease Management 
- Cancer Alternative Therapies
- Massage Therapy 
- Nutrition 
- Chinese Medicine
- Mineral & Medicinal Waters 
- Rehabilitation 
- Chiropractice
- Relaxation Therapies 
- Stress Management 
- Detox the Colon
- Skin Care 
- Weight Loss 
- Detoxification Problems
- Thalassotherapy  
- Dietary Supplements
- Yoga - Meditation  
- Executive Healthcheck
- Herbal Therapies
- Homeopathy Treatment
- Natural Therapies
- Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment
- Sleep Problems
- Reiki
- Tai Chi

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