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2011's Leaders are...

The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons declared that the US performed over 1 million plastic surgery procedures in 2011. Brazil, China, and Japan also performed top numbers of cosmetic surgeries.

International-Triage (Cocle, Panama)

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  • Carretera Panamericana
  • Pocri
  • +507 396 4335 6

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International-Triage Introduction


International-Triage saves lives and money by enabling, and managing, access to medical treatment outside of the patient’s country of residence. Our goal is to deliver services at an average of 50% of the Medicare fee schedule and thereby save our clients upwards of 70% compared to cost of same treatment in the USA. Patients are treated by a consortium of exceptionally dedicated physicians at high quality hospitals in Latin America’s premier cities.   
International-Triage use of American and international care management protocols for patient care reporting ensures optimal financial management and administrative control.   

International-Triage manages all aspects of the service from inquiry through coordination of insurance benefits, self-payment hospitalization, travel, hotel, medical concierge, ground transfers, medically safe repatriation and coordination of follow up care in the home country.

Differently than typical “medical tourism operators”, International-Triage is a medically-driven, total service, organization with unique expertise and significant experience in providing effective response and management for emergency, scheduled and elective cases. Moreover, International-Triage is NOT a “patient broker”, but rather a collaborative partner of hospitals and doctors in Latin America.

To best serve the needs of the international patient and payer, International-Triage assembled the most reliable support resources in the international healthcare arena. We offer the MOST QUALIFIED and DEPENABLE service platform for Latin-American bound healthcare services.

On behalf of our board of directors, distinguished advisory board and our diligent staff, I wish you and your loved ones health and happiness. 

Language Support:

English, Spanish

Payment Options:


Services & Rate:

Solid Organ Transplantation:
- Kidney transplant (With living related donor)
- Liver transplant
- Heart transplant
- Lung transplant

Clinical Cardiology / Interventional Cardiology
- Comprehensive cardiac physical examination and stress test
- Electro-Physiology and related
- Cardiac angioplasty with stent implantation
- Pacemaker implantation
- Defibrillator implantation

Cardiac Surgery
- Coronary/Heart Bypass (CABG)
- Heart valve replacement (Mitral)
- Heart valve replacement (Aortic)
- Pediatric cardiac anomalies
- Tetrology Repair
- VSD Repair
- Thoracic Surgery
- Mass removal
- Lung reduction

Orthopedic Surgery:
- Hip replacement
- Knee replacement
- Shoulder replacement
- Cervical discectomy (endoscopic)
- Ankle joint replacement
- Elbow replacement
- Rotator cuff repair
- Arthrodesis
- Spinal fusion surgery
- Hip resurfacing surgery

Spinal Surgery
- Spinal surgery
- Minimally invasive disc replacement
- Cranial surgery
- Gamma knife surgery

Cancer Treatment
- Bone Marrow Transplant
- Tumor removal surgery
- Chemotherapy
- Breast cancer surgery
- Radical prostatectomy (Prostate Surgery)
- Brachytherapy treatment (Prostate)
- Intensity-modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT)
- High intensity focused ultrasound (Prostate)
- Virtual Surgery
- Cyber knife surgery
- Gamma knife surgery

- Radical Prostatectomy
- Female Incontinence Surgery
- Chronic Prostatitis

Specialty Treatments:
- Hyperbaric treatment
- Medical intensive care
- Surgical intensive care
- Trauma, surgical and critical care
- Burn treatment
- Stroke treatment
- Neonatal intensive care
- Fertility and reproductive medicine

Eye Surgery
- Glaucoma surgery
- LASIK surgery
- Cataract removal
- Degenerative myopia
- Implantable collamer lens (ICL)
- Detached / dislocated retina
- Cosmetic eye whitening

Physical Rehabilitation
- Cognitive
- Post surgical
- Cardiac

Life Style Treatment:
- Plastic surgery
- Bariatric surgery
- Dental care
- Oral surgery

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