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Prince Court Medical Center Has Earned Its Royal Name

The Prince Court Medical Center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is making a big name for itself. In 2013 the facility fell at number one (#1) in the world for medical tourism hospitals! This was the first time the MTQUA gave the top spot to a Malaysian hospital. 

Brazileza International (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Contact Information

  • Brazileza International, Copacabana
  • Copacabana
  • +55 310 734 6138
  • Mon - Sun: 9.30 a.m. - 7. 30 p.m. 

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Brazileza International Introduction


Brazileza International was created to give people access to the highest quality cosmetic surgery, without having to pay the highest prices. That is, of course, with a Brazilian twist.

The service we provide is a means to attain the aesthetic change you desire in the backdrop of beautiful Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We offer you a unique opportunity in this nexus of beauty and travel, allowing you to recover from your procedures in “A Cidade Maravilhosa”, The Marvelous City, and return home feeling and looking like a new person.

Highlight Treatment:

Cosmetic Surgery
- Liposuction
- Facial Procedures
- Eyelid Surgery
- Ear Surgery
- Gynecomasty
- Tummy Tuck
- Mammoplasty
- Rhinoplasty
- Arm and Leg Lift
- Buttock Implants
- Post Surgery Information

- CO2 Laser Ultrapulse
- Chemical Peels
- Crystal Peels
- Botox
- Fillers
- Threads
- Laser Hair Removal
- Cryotherapy
- Scar Removal

Language Support:

English, Portuguese

Payment Options:


Services & Rate:

Breast Augmentation (silicone gel implants) - USD 3,797
Breast Augmentation (saline implants) - USD 3,496
Breast Lift - USD 4,401
Rhinoplasty - USD 4,314
Lipoplasty (suction-assisted) - USD 2,914
Lipoplasty (ultrasound-assisted) - USD 3,122
Tummy Tuck -USD 5,332
Buttock Augmentation - USD 4,459
Buttock Lift - USD 4,950
Facelift - USD 6,629
Thigh Lift - USD 4,882
Arm Lift - USD 4,070

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