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India’s $10K Cardiac Bypass: Truly Heartfelt Savings

A cardiac bypass operation in India costs less than $10,000, versus over $100,000 in western countries. India boasts two of the world’s top ten medical tourism hospitals.

Med Access India (Mumbai, India)

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  • A3/9/5, Millennium Towers,Sector 9, Sanpada,Navi Mumbai- 400 705
  • Navi Mumbai
  • +91 992 3596069
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Med Access India Introduction


Med Access India's business philosophy is based on a strong belief that health and wellness is of paramount importance and can never be compromised. The organization has made a concerted effort to provide absolutely the best for our valued patrons.

Our Professionalism:

Med Access India is a highly professional company. Our team believes in delivering the best and the same culture is imbibed in the whole organization. Therefore, each and every activity is undertaken with a complete commitment and with an end result always in mind and the end result that we aim is the sheer delight of our customer in real sense of terms and a lifetime experience for them them.

Highly qualified and Experienced Team :

Med Access India teams decades of experience provides us an edge in better understanding of our customers requirements and efficient handling of our every business aspect be it a selection of the hospital to be in our network, or choice of doctors or co-ordination with the hospitals and doctors and other service providers during after the treatment.

We have also nurtured personalized and long-term relationship with our doctors and other service providers to ensure qualitative working and smooth co-ordination.

World-class treatment:

Med Access India is committed to provide absolutely the best treatment to you and there are no compromises whatsoever.

Excellent Relationships in place:

We have also nurtured personalized and long-term relationship with our doctors and other service providers to ensure qualitative working and smooth co-ordination.

Great value for money: Highest Quality treatment at Affordable Prices:

Med Access India is dedicated to imparting and sustaining distinguished services to our global patrons, backed by proven patient engagement models that focus on offering highest and cost effective treatment. Our services translate into genuine healthcare advantage to our international patrons. 

There are no hiden costs and no last minute surprises.

Complete Transparency

Med Access believes in complete transparency and no ambiguities in the dealings.

Warm and Hospitable Environment:

At Med Access India, we very clearly understand the mental state of a person traveling to an alien country for an important task like medical treatment. Therefore, we design every activity in such a way that our customers get an exceptionally warm and hospitable environment. Our customers should have a home away from home.

Wide choice of Destinations:

Med Access is offering wide choice of destinations The selection of the places has been done on the basis of cost benefit in terms of affordability and availabity of accommodation, transport and environment for recuperation. Needless to mention, the standard of quality of treatment remains the same. 

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