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Knee Replacement Surgery Abroad Costs Just 30-50% of That in the U.S.

Knee replacement surgery costs $34,000 at U.S. hospitals, but only $19,200 in Singapore, $11,500 in Thailand;and just $9,500 in Costa Rica. Medical tourism gets you feeling better for way less.

St. Jude Cancer Center/American Holistic Care (Baja California, Mexico)

Contact Information

  • 4558 Agua Caliente Blvd. Ste: CC1B, Tijuana BC Mexico
  • Tijuana
  • +1 800 525 7144, +1 619 373 8368
  • +1 619 955 7351
  • Mon-Fri 9.00 am - 4.00 pm, 24 hour emergency

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St. Jude Cancer Center/American Holistic Care Introduction


You will receive high level of care during you stay, since we are an outpatient facilitator, we are also taking care of our patients when they are at the hotel. However we also have 6 private hospital rooms for special conditions where our patients can recuperate in single room and the services provided here correspond to those usual in a five-star hotel.

Each ward has a private bathroom, a television set, a telephone, video equipment upon request and Internet connection waiting for businessmen who would like to recreate or relax and would not like to stop their work even during the treatment. 

It is a basic requirement for nurses to speak at least one foreign language and the employees of the hospital do their best to prevent patients from feeling defenseless. There is no "hospital smell" around and gratuity is out of question.

Highlight Treatment:

- Cancer
- Alternative
- Surgery
- Dental

Language Support:

English, Spanish

No. of Doctor: 4

No. of Beds and Rooms:

- Total rooms: 6
- Total beds: 6

No. of Staff: 17

We have office in:

Tijuana / Los Cabos Mexico

Our Branch
- American Biodental

Major Patients came from:

United Kingdom, Australia, United States, Canada Saudi Arabia, South America

Awards & Accreditations:


2011: Certificate from the International Ozone Association.  


2013: Mexican General Practitioners College.
2011: Mexican Ozone Association
2003:Cancer Control Society


2010: Huggings Alliance
2007: Med Loan Finance

Payment Options:

Cash, Personal Cheque, Bank Transfer, Other
(Traveller Cheque)

Piyavate Hospital Special Offers and Packages

St. Jude Cancer Center/American Holistic Care Videos

St. Jude Cancer Center