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Americans Would Rather Travel Than Pay High Costs

Affordable, quality care apparently trumps the commitment to travel. Approximately 50 million uninsured Americans are choosing medical tourism rather than pay for medical care in the US.

Ekol Eye Hospital (Izmir, Turkey)

Contact Information

  • 8019/16 Sokak, Istasyonalti
  • Cigli
  • +00 90 23 2386 5505
  • +00 90 23 2329 3481
  • Mon-Sat 9.00 am - 6.00 pm, 24 hour emergency

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ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001

Ekol Eye Hospital Introduction


Ekol Eye Hospital is at your service in İzmir/Turkey. We began serving our patients starting from July 2012, with our reliable expert staff and with every kind of technology related to ophthalmic diagnosis and treatment.

Highlight Treatment:

- Comprehensive vision testing
- Complete eye examination services
- Major & minor eye surgery
- Retinal surgery
- Cataract surgery/intraocular lens implantation
- Ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery  
  : Functional and cosmetic eyelid surgery 
  : Lacrimal surgery 
  : Orbital surgery 
- Refractive eye surgery 
  : TPRK
- Corneal Crosslinking
- Glaucoma treatment

Language Support:

English, German, Russian, Azerbaijan, Arabic, Kurdish

We have office in:

Izmir / Turkey

- Ekol ENT Hospital
- Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Clinic
- Dent Ekol Dental&Oral Clinic
- Karşıyaka Ekol Medical Center

Major Patients came from:

Europe, Middle East, CIS

Awards & Accreditations:


- ISO 9001
- ISO 14001
- OHSAS 18001

Payment Options:

Cash, Bank Transfer, AMEX, Visa, Master Card

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Ekol Eye Hospital Videos

Ekol Eye Hospital