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Knee Replacement Surgery Abroad Costs Just 30-50% of That in the U.S.

Knee replacement surgery costs $34,000 at U.S. hospitals, but only $19,200 in Singapore, $11,500 in Thailand;and just $9,500 in Costa Rica. Medical tourism gets you feeling better for way less.

Beijing Puhua International Hospital (Beijing, China)

Contact Information

  • 12# Tiantan Nanli, Dongcheng, Beijing 10050
  • Dongcheng
  • +0086 10 6703 5566
  • +0086 10 6706 1799
  • Mon-Fri 8.30 am - 5.30 pm, 24 hour emergency

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Beijing Puhua International Hospital Introduction


Founded over twenty years ago, Beijing Puhua International Hospital was one of the first joint venture medical facilities opened in Beijing. In these twenty years, this full-service hospital has become firmly established as the leader in China. Our expertise and professionalism in this area extends to all of the services that Beijing Puhua International Hospital offers. Since 2005, we've treated more than 6000 patients from more than 70 countries.

Highlight Treatment:

- Neurosurgery
- Neurology
- Oncology
- Diabetes
- Knees& Hips (alternative treatment of joint replacement)
- Traditional Chinese Medicine
- Rehabilitation

Language Support:

English, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Korean

We have office in:

Beijing / China

Brother Hospitals Shanghai, Tianjin and Singapore

Major Patients came from:

Middle East, Southeast Asian Countries

Awards & Accreditations:

Honors / Awards:

2013: Top 10 most reliable hospitals in China

Payment Options:

Cash, Bank Transfer, AMEX, Visa, Master Card

Piyavate Hospital Special Offers and Packages

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Beijing Puhua