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Krankenhaus Waldfriede (Berlin, Germany)

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  • Argentinische Allee 40
  • Zehlendorf
  • +49 30 818 100
  • +49 30 8181 0320
  • 24 hour emergency

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Krankenhaus Waldfriede Introduction


Krankenhaus Waldfriede is a confessional, acute care hospital with 170 beds. It is an academic teaching hospital of the Charité and European training center for operating techniques in proctology. Some 12,000 stationary and 9,000 ambulatory patients are treated annually. 

Krankenhaus Waldfriede is owned by the protestant denomination of the Seventh-day Adventist Church (public body), which supports over 610 medical institutions world-wide. Since its establishment in 1920, Waldfriede has oriented its medical treatment and nursing care to comprehensive therapy concepts (body, mind and spirit) for the good of the patient. 

If today, we are still upholding the philosophy of our founders, it is not only out of respect for tradition. It is our conviction, that the ill person with all his needs, must receive the attention and focus of our staff. In an era of technological problem-solving, an ill person especially needs assurance that he is not merely an “object of treatment” or a “business factor.” 

Modern, medical treatment concepts are not only oriented by the newest, scientific and technical knowledge, but include interdisciplinary aspects as well. Included in this, is the additional care of psychologists, chaplains and social workers. When desired, we also involve the family. 

Language Support:

English, German

Awards & Accreditations:

Honors / Awards:

1998: Waldfriede is mentioned as being among the 300 best hospitals in Germany (News Magazine FOCUS and Stiftung Warentest).
Waldfriede (12th place) is among the 100 best Obstetric Clinics in Germany (Magazine Öko-Test).
2005: Silber Certificat for “Smoke Free Hospital”.
2007: Re-certified as the second most energy efficient hospital nationwide (BUND Gütesiegel).
2008: Re-certified according to KTQ (Co-operation for Transparency and Quality in the Public Health Sector).

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