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Hospital Samaritano (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

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  • Rua Conselheiro Brotero, 1486 – Higienópolis
  • Consolacao
  • +55 11 3821 5300
  • 24 hour emergency

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Hospital Samaritano Introduction


For over 119 years, Hospital Samaritano de Sao Paulo has stood out for its excellence and humanization in health care. In 2004, Hospital Samaritano was accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI) and became the third private general hospital in Brazil to be nationally and internationally acknowledged by the most important agency that certifies the quality standards of healthcare institutions in the world.

The accreditation states the efficiency of the processes adopted by Hospital Samaritano, showing its standards of excellence and safety to patients and professionals who work in the hospital, in addition to ensuring its quality to the market. The hospital was reaccredited by JCI in 2011.

The performance of high complexity surgeries and procedures, especially in the areas of cardiology, neurology, pediatrics, orthopedics and oncology, is the main strength of the hospital, which has over 1,300 credentialed physicians, in addition to a highly qualified team of 2,200 professionals. It has a Cardiology Intensive Care Unit – UCIC that has state-of-the-art equipment and especially designed infrastructure to provide greater comfort to patients. Hospital Samaritano practices medicine with updated technology and humanized care. In addition to investments in equipment and professional training, the hospital invests all its financial results into social responsibility actions. The organization has partnerships with the local, state and federal government offering construction works, research, teaching and management support in public hospitals.

The hospital has its own Project – Project AMA of Multidisciplinary Care, whose intention is to improve healthcare conditions offered to the needy population in the region. Created by Hospital Samaritano in 2001, in addition to educating the participants on healthcare issues, hygiene and eating habits, the Project offers medical visits, nutrition care, dental support, diagnostic tests, hospitalization and surgeries within the same quality standards as provided by the mother organization.

The opening of the new building of Hospital Samaritano de Sao Paulo will increase the number of inpatient beds and ICU beds to 313, increasing by 50% the current installed capacity. The building has an auditorium with 200 seats, new areas for Gastronomy and Nutrition, 10 operative rooms for high complexity procedures, 23 Intensive care unit beds, 300 new parking spaces, a central lobby area with services and convenience stores and will require 400 new employees, in addition to offering a number of other amenities.

The organization intends to provide new treatment approaches, therapies, high complexity procedures and tests to meet the growing demand in Sao Paulo market, which has been caused by both the expansion of covered lives by the healthcare plans and the aging population.

In 2012, we will kick-off the Retrofit Project, whose main objective is to reproduce the standard used in the new building into already existing units, in addition to expanding some areas, such as the emergency room.

This website wants to show you a little more about the concepts that guide the work at Hospital Samaritano, sharing novelties and advances of the hospital, in addition to teaching you how to use all the services the organization provides.

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