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Korea Attracts Big 3 Medical Tourists

The three nations with the most Korea-bound medical tourists are China, the U.S., and Japan, according to industry data. Chinese medical tourists made up the largest share, with some 32,000 seeking treatment in Korea in 2012.

Yeditepe University Hospital (Istanbul, Turkey)

Contact Information

  • Devlet Yolu Ankara St. No:102/104
  • Kozyatagi
  • +90 216 578 40 00
  • +90 216 469 37 96
  • 24 hour emergency

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Yeditepe University Hospital Introduction


Diagnosis And Treatment Methods Of The Future Awaits For You At Yeditepe University Hospital

The vision of Yeditepe University Hospital has been to offer the best health care, using the latest technology to increase the life standards and expectancy. Having started its services on August 26 2005, the hospital offers health care and treatment as well as educational opportunities for the students of medicine at the Yeditepe University Hospital.

Yeditepe University Hospital was founded on a site of approximately 16,500 m2. With its 190-bed capacity and completely automated systems, it possesses the technology enabling it to provide round-the-clock service. The Yeditepe University Hospital has a total of eight operating rooms and reanimation units which are; Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Neurological Science Intensive Care Unit, Cardiovascular Surgery Intensive Care Unit, General Intensive Care Unit and Coronary Care Unit.

Every single detail has been considered in order to offer the best service and utmost comfort with its non-flammable , scratch proof and anti-bacterial surrounding. The facility is comprised of seven general service floors and two VIP floors. Most rooms offer a good view and a comfortable setting which includes TV service on LCD plasma screens. Yeditepe University Hospital was founded to make the future alive in our days in healthcare sector to offer the best services in its area and to improve life quality.

The hospital uses the HIS (Hospital Information System) software technology, the aim of which is to minimize difficulties experienced by patients. Due to this system, the results of a wide-range of tests performed on patients, such as lab work and x-rays, are computerized, which reduces paperwork and cuts down on bureaucracy and waste.

At the same time, the Multislice CT (Multi-sectional Computerized Tomography), the 3 Tesla MR device, the PET-CT (which detects cancerous cells), and the Gamma Camera, all of which are located in the Imaging Center, are some of the most advanced technologies in use in Turkey.

On Janurary 17, 2007 Yeditepe University Hospital opened the Yeditepe University Eye Center which was founded in a 2,259 m2-building. It has an expert academic staff providing service in 11 different areas. The hospital is able to maintain global competiveness by using the latest technology available. With its 15 examination rooms, four operating rooms, and use of the latest laser technology, the institution is well on its way to becoming a hospital the standards of which are used to judge the quality of other hospitals.

On account of its outstanding and successful staff of specialists who are technologically capable and open to new developments, Yeditepe University Hospital is able to offer top quality professional health care service to its local and international patients.

Language Support:

English, Turkish

No. of Beds and Rooms:

- Total beds: 190

Awards & Accreditations:



Honors / Awards:

- 2005: The first and only private university hospital blood bank to hold a license from the Ministry of Health in Istanbul
- 2006: The first double-balloon small-bowel endoscopy procedure in Turkey
- 2006: The first permanent artificial heart pump operation in Turkey
- 2006: The first window anterior commissure relaxation laryngoplasty (a type of voice surgery)  in the world  
- 2007: The first free vascularized fibula grafting for extensive knee osteonecrosis in the world
- 2007 - 2010: The first and only Artificial Heart Pump Project in Turkey
- 2008: First implantable miniature left-ventricle-assisted (Impella) coronary artery surgery in Turkey
- 2008: Santez Project (Biodegradable and drug releasing cardiac stent formation out of polymers )
- 2008: The first National Cochlear Implant Project of Turkey

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