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St. Luke's International Hospital (Tokyo, Japan)

Contact Information

  • 9-1 Akashi-cho
  • Chuo-ku
  • +81 3 5550 7166
  • Mon-Fri 9:00AM-5:00PM / 24 Hours Emergency

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St. Luke's International Hospital Introduction


St. Luke's International Hospital began in 1902 as a small clinic in Tsukiji, Tokyo, founded by Rudolph Bolling Teusler, a missionary doctor sent by the American Episcopal Church. It has since grown into one of the premier general hospitals in Japan.

The general hospital was built in 1933 as the finest in Asia, and included at that time an intern program. In 1920, a nursing training school was established in affiliation with the hospital, which eventually became St. Luke’s Nursing School in 1927, the only school in Japan to provide nursing education. After World War II, the nursing school was turned into a junior college, then later, a four year college in 1964. This institution ultimately became St. Luke’s College of Nursing, which is accredited to provide graduate studies.

St. Luke’s International Hospital provides holistic care for every patient under the Christian spirit of compassion, and is a model facility for training post-graduate interns and nurses, as well as for training other medical professionals. The current hospital, in which all rooms are private, was built in 1992. In cooperation with the Emergency Medical Care Center, the Center for Preventive Medicine and the Clinical R&D Center of St. Luke’s Life Sciences Laboratory, a special public service foundation, the hospital practices clinical medicine as well as nursing research and education, and is expanding toward its ultimate goal of becoming the "Mayo Clinic of Japan".

Language Support:

English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, French, Russian, Tagalog, Portuguese

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- JCQHC Japan Council for Quality Health Care
- JACHI Japan Accreditation Council for Healthcare Information

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Cash, Visa, Master Card

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