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Bumrungrad— Asia’s Pioneer of Cited Medical Excellence

Bumrungrad Hospital has helped make Thailand one of the world’s most trusted medical tourism destinations. In 2002, Bumrungrad became the first hospital in Asia to earn Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation.

Wooridul Hospital (Seoul, South Korea)

Contact Information

  • 676 Gwahae-dong
  • Gangseo-gu
  • +822 513 8385
  • +822 513 8454

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Wooridul Hospital Introduction


Wooridul Hospital established in Busan in 1982, has been trying to be the world’s leading spine hospital with the state of the art equipment and technology. Based upon minimally invasive treatment principle, Wooridul Hospital has investigated and developed various spine treatments meets or exceeds patients’ expectation for minimal scars and fast recovery.

Wooridul Hospital manages directly each hospital in Seoul Gimpo Airport, Seoul Chungdam, Busan Onchun, Busan Dongrae and Daegu and has the most advanced medical technology using digitalized surgery equipment, non-surgical treatment and the rehabilitation treatment. Moreover, Wooridul opened Wooridul Spine Hospital in Shanghai, China and in Jakarta, Indonesia, will have expansion in Turkey, UAE and Spain as well as Jaeju Island soon.

Wooridul Hospital which opened a brand-new clinic at Gimpo International Airport takes a roll to be a center of the ‘ShangSeTo Medical Belt’ among Shanghai, Seoul and Tokyo to be a leader of medical service in Asia and to inpart the advanced medical treatments and technologies of Korea all over the world. Based on the present achievements, Wooridul Hospital is emerging as the Neuro-Musculoskeletal Disease Center not only for the general spine disorders but also for the metastatic spine cancers (using 4th generation cyberknife) and the joint disorders (using computer assisted navigation).

Wooridul Hospital prefers the minimally invasive philosophy to save the normal tissues, which minimizes the excision reducing complications. With these untiring efforts, Wooridul Hospital provides ‘Spine Total Care System’ as a specialized general hospital which employs over 1,200 employees including 130 doctors.

Highlight Treatment:

- Spine Treatment
- Joint Treatment

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