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Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust (Dehradun, India)

Contact Information

  • Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust Swami Ram Nagar, P.O. Doiwala Distt. Dehradun, 248140 Uttarakhand
  • Doiwala
  • +91 135 2471200

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Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust Introduction


The Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust is a society registered under the Society Registration Act 1860. The Society was founded by the great yogi, H.H. Dr. Swami Rama, in the year 1989. Today, the Society (HIHT) is engaged in multifarious activities in the field of research, education, health care, social and outreach.

The Main aims and objectives of the Society are:

(a) To undertake activities and research programmes for the extension of knowledge in the fields of natural, social and applied sciences, holistic medicine, preventive medicine, science of breath, psycho-physiology, nutrition, stress management and cancer research & treatment.

(b) To set up a Charitable Hospital in a region between Rishikesh and Dehradun and/or elsewhere, so as to provide medical, surgical, pathological, radiological, ophthalmological and other specialized facilities of high standard to the general public.

(c) To run, own, manage and administer medical training centres, diagnostic centres, scan centres, nursing homes, hospitals, hostels, guest houses, clinics, dispensaries, maternity homes, child and family welfare centres, clinical pathological testing laboratories, x-ray and electrocardiogram, holistic health care facilities & medical research centres in India and abroad.

(d) To act as consultants and advisors to provide technical know-how, technical and allied services for the establishment, operation and improvement of nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, medical institutions, medical centres, diagnostics centres and laboratories in India and to provide facilities for medical research & education.

(e) To encourage regular visits by experts with various specialization from home and abroad.

(f) To organize conferences, workshops, study groups, seminars and medical & other camps.

(g) To organize exhibitions, lectures, seminars, conferences on the themes related to the field of education, culture, science, art and other cultural & educational activities.

(h) To organize and conduct refresher courses, research, summer school workshops, field work, training programmes and other such courses along with other related programmes considered necessary by the Society authorities.

(i) To launch/print any medical magazine, periodicals, pamphlets, books, monographs or posters considered necessary for the promotion of aims of the Society.

(j) To invite experts for lectures; on related and other themes, organize and conduct laboratory and field work in holistic, experiential learning and other educational, scientific, cultural or any other area of concern for the Society.

(k) To institute fellowships, studentships, grant assistance to similar organizations or individuals.

(l) To appoint necessary staff required for running the affairs of the Society.

(m) To create a core group faculty and other discussion groups and pay them the remuneration and provide the necessary facilities from time to time.

(n) To disseminate information and knowledge derived through research and experiential learning and the aims of the Society to larger audiences for the benefit of the people.

(o) To collaborate with other institutions, distinguished individuals and societies for promoting aims and objects of the Society.

(p) To do all such things as may be necessary, incidental or conducive to the attainment of all or any of the objects of the Society, including the undertaking of any production, manufacturing or industrial activities.

(q) To establish Medical College, Nursing College, Ayurvedic College, Homeopathic College, College of Pharmacy, Dental College and other Medical Applied Technical Courses, Engineering College and other educational institutions, Schools and Colleges after taking permission from University, State Government/Central Government or any other competent authority.

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