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India’s $10K Cardiac Bypass: Truly Heartfelt Savings

A cardiac bypass operation in India costs less than $10,000, versus over $100,000 in western countries. India boasts two of the world’s top ten medical tourism hospitals.

Global Medical Connection (Prague, Czech Republic)

Contact Information

  • Za Mototechnou 888, Prague 5, 155 00
  • Prague 5
  • +00420 775 364 687
  • Mon - Fri 9 am. - 6 pm.

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Global Medical Connection Introduction


Our company organizing medical tourism procedures in the Czech Republic. 

Save up to 70% on medical costs!
1st class treatment!
No waiting times!

We only cooperate with the best accredited clinics in the Czech Republic. Each of these clinics has European reputation that it provides with excellent customer service. 

The main criteria in selecting a suitable clinic include: 

• Presence of internationally reputable doctors 
• The credibility of accredited clinics 
• High quality of services 
• The level of the whole device - only modern clinics 
• Professional and friendly attitude of staff 
• Experience with foreign patients 
• Client satisfaction 

We will take the care - our services are completely free! 

• Providing medical treatment 
• Services of general practitioner 
• Visas and other needed documents 
• Arrangement of airplane tickets , hotel or apartment 
• Transport from / to the airport and clinic 
• Presence of medical assistant during your stay 
• Medical translation 
• Accompanying program (sightseeing, trips, cultural activities, etc.) 
• Post-operative care and relaxation - spa, wellness, massage

Highlight Treatment:

- Plastic surgery 
- Esthetic surgery 
- Eye surgery 
- Dentistry 
- Obesity treatment 
- Orthopedics 
- Stem cells 
- Assisted reproduction 
- Proton therapy

Language Support:

English, French, German, Russian, Italian

We have office in:

Prague / Czech Republic

Major Patients came from:

UK, Germany

Payment Options:

Cash, Bank Transfer, AMEX, Visa, Master Card

Services & Rate:

Breast enlargement: from 1,900 EUR.
Rhinoplasty: from 1,600 EUR
Cartilage: from 700 EUR.  
Blepharoplasty: from 900 EUR.
Liposuction: from 400 EUR (one area - for ex. double chin).
   - Body jet liposuction for 1-2 areas 1,200 EUR.
   - Body jet liposuction for 6 areas 2,600 EUR.
Tummy Tuck: from 1,400 EUR with Liposuction: from 1,900 EUR.
Dental implant: from 650 EUR
IVF cycle with PICSI and medicaments: 3,800 EUR
Laser eye surgery LASIK (1 eye): 650 EUR

Piyavate Hospital Special Offers and Packages