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India Welcomes Medical Tourists with New Visa

India’s new M-type visas is good news for medical tourists. The visas are valid for a full year and are issued to accompanying companions and family members.

Seirei Hamamatsu General Hospital (Shizuoka, Japan)

Contact Information

  • 2-12-12 Sumiyoshi, naka-ku
  • Hamamatsu
  • +81 53 474 2222
  • +81 53 471 6050

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Seirei Hamamatsu General Hospital Introduction


We will take pride in delivering optimum services remembering always that each patient is our ultimate customer.

It is significant for all hospital users: not only patients and their families but also clinics in the community and staff working in the hospital. We aim at providing better medical services through information disclosure and sharing because we believe the ideal picture of medical care is that receivers and providers work together based on understanding of their roles.

Hospital care has substantially changed since the end of the 20th Century and has become more and more important to cooperate with a community than to treat all patients and illnesses within a hospital. Diagnoses and treatments are mainly performed by hospitals, while healthcare, prevention of diseases, and post-treatment cares are provided outside the hospital. In such situation, we promote hospital-hospital, hospital-clinic, and hospital-community cooperation centered on hospital users.

It is our sincere hope to continue our efforts as an organization that bears an essential role in medical care in this community.

Language Support:

English, Japanese

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