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Weight Loss Surgery is a Snip in Costa Rica

In the US a gastric bypass costs around $30,000, but travel to sunny Costa Rica and the same procedure costs around $12,000!

Rechavia Dental Center (Jerusalem, Israel)

Contact Information

  • 15 Ibn Gevirol Street
  • Jerusalem District
  • +972 2561 9770, +972 2561 9780
  • Sun-Tue, Thu: 8.00 a.m.-3.00 p.m./ Wed: 8.00 a.m.-7.00 p.m./ Fri: 8.00 a.m.-12.00 p.m.

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Rechavia Dental Center Introduction


Welcome to the Rechavia Dental Center in Jerusalem, Israel.

Our dedicated staff  makes every effort to provide patients with the highest quality and most advanced dental care available.

The practice’s goal is to deliver dental care to patients in a comfortable and friendly environment. We also see it as our responsibility to thoroughly educate our patients, so that the choices they make regarding their dental care will be based on having a thorough understanding of their various options for treatment.

We believe it is crucial for our patients to feel comfortable with their doctors, and we encourage each patient to get to know their dentist at the very first meeting when background information and the patient’s dental history are taken.

Language Support:

English, Hebrew, Arabic

Payment Options:


Piyavate Hospital Special Offers and Packages