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Asia Has a Nose Up

In 2011, the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons released a report naming China, Japan, and South Korea in the top 5 for number of rhinoplasty (nose job) procedures!

MedNet Berlin (Berlin, Germany)

Contact Information

  • Württembergallee 10a
  • Westend
  • +49 30 2977 8937
  • +49 30 2977 8938

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MedNet Berlin Introduction


We are experts of German healthcare. We know the centers of excellence in Germany and cooperate closely with them.

In Germany more than 2.000  hospitals are offering high quality healthcare services - many of them operate centers of excellence in different areas. How to choose the right hospital for your needs? We assist you in identifying among the leading centers of Germany the right partner.

Since Berlin has become not only the political capital, but also the health capital of Germany, we select many of our partners from Berlin: 70 hospitals operating 20.000 beds treat more than 700.000 inpatients and several millions inpatients per year in almost any specialty. Many of these hospitals are centers of excellence nationwide: The Charite' University Medicine Berlin, the German Heart Center Berlin, the Berlin Trauma Center, the Clinic for Minimally Invasive Surgery. Many of the other Berlin hospitals operate centers of excellence in certain specialties: e. g. neurosurgery, ENT and Breast Center at the Sankt Gertrauden Hospital, gynecology, obstetrics, pelvic floor surgery, diabetology at the Waldfriede Hospital, pediatric urology, pediatric neurology, radial therapy center at the Westend Klinik of the German Red Cross in Berlin, different departments and centers of the Vivantes hospitals or of Helios Kliniken. For almost any health problem there is at least one outstanding expert available. The presence of the embassies in the capital of Germany is another positive feature for international patients.

Mednet Berlin provides patients and healthcare professionals access to outstanding German healthcare professionals and institutions. The hospitals are accredited according to high German quality standards and equipped with the latest high quality medical technology. Their staff is highly qualified and motivated as well as multi-lingual.

Language Support:

English, German

Payment Options:


Services & Rate:

- Dermatology
- Diabetology
- Gynecology
- Heavy burns
- Inner medicine
- Intensive Care
- Medical rehabilitation
- Metabolism
- Neurology
- Obstetrics
- Oncology
- Ophthalmology
- Orthopedics/Musculo-skeletal problems
- Otorhinolaryngology
- Pain therapy
- Pediatrics
- Psychiatry
- Proktology
- Radiology
- Spinal cord injuries
- Sport medicine
- Surgery
- Traumatology
- Urology

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