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India Welcomes Medical Tourists with New Visa

India’s new M-type visas is good news for medical tourists. The visas are valid for a full year and are issued to accompanying companions and family members.

Medi Consult (Polska, Poland)

Contact Information

  • Mieczysława Niedziałkowskiego 47
  • Szczecin
  • +48 60 377 9939

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Medi Consult Introduction


Our plastic surgery clinic is one of the most modern private healthcare centre in Eastern Europe, operating as an outpatient and inpatient clinic. It specializes in the plastic surgery, attracting increasing number of patients from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Germany, Denmark and of course Poland.

Thanks to the multidisciplinary profile and with the help of the highly qualified and internationally experienced consultants from surgical specialties across the board, the clinic is able to provide a comprehensive range of surgical procedures in the area of cosmetic and aesthetic surgery. This clinic has become preferred choice for the customers seeking cutting edge treatment in a tranquil, relaxing un-hurried environment, where personal care to detail and attention is second to none. There are no painful waiting times for consultations and procedures. Most investigations are usually performed on the day of arrival with results available same day. Patient’s peace of mind, discretion, privacy and satisfaction is the clinic’s core value from initial enquiry to all the way up to completion of treatment procedure and after care.

Clinic’s main assets are: highly qualified medical team, state-of-the-art technologies of procedures, What plastic surgery clinic abroad to choose first-class medical equipment and competitive prices. Professional team always makes sure patient receives excellent yet affordable medical treatment and enjoy her/his stay in the beautiful city of Szczecin. The clinic has been completely renovated to meet our patients' needs for comfort and safety. Patients have round-the-clock care from the team of qualified and experienced healthcare professionals. The modern facilities and equipment of clinic’s ward, along with advanced surgical techniques, are something the clinic can be proud of.

Highlight Treatment:

- Breast enlargement 
- Nose correction 
- Gynecomastia 
- Liposuction
- Tummy tuck
- Buttock implants

Language Support:

English, German, Polish, Irish

We have office in:

City of Szczecin / Poland

Major Patients came from:

United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Poland

Payment Options:


Services & Rate:

- Breast enlargement - round shape implants with lifelong warranty 3090 EUR
- Breast enlargement - anatomical implants with lifelong warranty 3590 EUR
- Breast reduction 2840 EUR
- Breast lift / mastopexy 2840 EUR
- Full tummy tuck with stomach liposuction 2840 - 3410 EUR
- Nose correction - small rhinoplasty 1290 EUR
- Nose correction - full rhinoplasty 2570 EUR
- Otoplasty - correction of prominent ears 990 EUR
- Liposuction of up to 8 litres(!) of fat tissue form a few parts of the body 1980 EUR
- Gynecomastia - male breasts reduction 1610 EUR
- Upper eyelids 990 EUR
- Lower eyelids 1290 EUR
- Mini face lift 1980 EUR
- Full face lift 3410 EUR
- Thigh lift 2280 EUR
- Buttocks implants 4250 EUR
- Neck lift 1980 EUR
- Arm lift - brachioplasty 2280 EUR
- Permalip® - lip implants 1490 EUR
- Gastric balloon - obestity treatment 1610 EUR
- Gastric balloon removal - obestity treatment 500 EUR

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