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Your Healthcare Holiday Dollars go Farther in Thailand

Medical costs in the West are skyrocketing and patients are flocking to Asia to save, particularly to Thailand where outlays for treatment are generally five to ten times less than what they’d be in the US and Europe.

ASISTUR (Havana, Cuba)

Contact Information

  • Prado No. 208 entre Trocadero y Colón, Habana Vieja
  • Habana Vieja
  • +537 866 4499
  • +537 866 8087
  • Mon - Fri, 9a.m. - 3p.m.

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ASISTUR Introduction


ASISTUR is a company per share of Grupo CAUDAL engaged in the insurance and financial field. 

Since 1991 is the leading company in Cuba specialized in rendering assistance services to visitors. To do so, it disposes of: 
- A highly qualified personal 
- Wide network of providers throughout the country.
- Correspondant companies abroad 
- which guarantee the attendant to traveller in any country
- Alarm Centre available 24 hours every day

ASISTUR acts as insurance broker offering different insurance covers tailored by the main Cuban insurance companies

The company acts as correspondent of the most important
international assistance and insurance companies from all over the world.

Medical Assistance
- Outpatient medical care in hospitals or at home.
- Monitoring of of patient's condition
- Obtaining and sending of medical reports.
- Obtaining and sending of medical reports.
- Coordination of wheelchairs and medication
- Coordination of Air and land ambulance services
- Control of medical expenses

Medical Evacuation
- Monitoring of patient s condition
- Booking of airline seats.
- Transportation to the airport.
- Assistance by medical staff.
- Reception and accomodation for doctors and paramedics.
- Authorization for air ambulance landing
- Coordination of Air and land ambulance services
- Assistance to the air ambulance crew.

Language Support:

English, Spanish

Payment Options:


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