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West Coast Surrogacy (California, United States)

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  • 6 Venture, Suite 395, Irvine
  • Orange County
  • +1 949 861 4100, +1 877 492 7411

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West Coast Surrogacy Introduction


Welcome to West Coast Surrogacy, an all-inclusive surrogate agency located in Southern California. Working with couples and surrogates nationwide, WCS uses a team-oriented approach that encompasses the highest level of integrity, support, and compassion. It is our pledge to guide you through every step of this life-changing process, acting as both a resource for information and an unparalleled support system.

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Payment Options:


Services & Rate:

Gestational Surrogate Compensation
- Base Fee for first time surrogate - CA Surrogates (paid in monthly installments of $2,800.00 per month commencing 1st month after fetal heartbeat) $28,000.00
- Base Fee for first time surrogate - All other States (paid in monthly installments of $2,600.00 per month commencing 1st month after fetal heartbeat) $26,000.00
- Paid upon completion and passing of testing/screening process $500.00
- IVF Embryo Transfer Fee (upon completion of embryo transfer) $1,000.00
- Confirmation of pregnancy $500.00
- Confirmation of 1st fetal heart beat $500.00
- Maternity clothing allowance (paid at approx 16 weeks gestation)  $750.00
- Monthly miscellaneous allowance (once matched, surrogate is compensated $200 per month for misc. expenses for approximately 12 months) 
- Monthly allowance while attending support group (mileage/babysitting expenses) ($75 per month, approximately 12 months) $900.00
- Housekeeping ($150 paid monthly throughout pregnancy upon confirmation of 2nd fetal heartbeat, ending 30 days post partum) $1500.00
- Multiples Fee – Twin pregnancy $5,000.00
- Multiples Fee – Triplet pregnancy $10,000.00

Other Surrogate Fees that May Apply
- Mock Cycle during testing phase $300.00
- Cancelled Cycle $300.00
- Invasive procedure: Amniocentesis, CVS, Cerclage, D&C, Fetal Reduction $500.00
- Termination of Pregnancy $1500.00
- Loss of Tube and/or ovary $1500.00
- Ectopic pregnancy $1,000.00
- Cesarean Section $2,000.00
- Hysterectomy (loss of uterus up to 90 days post partum) $6,000.00

Screening Costs
- Psychological Screening – surrogate, spouse, and intended parents $1,000.00
- Criminal Background Investigation – surrogate and spouse $126.00 - $402.00
- Criminal Background Investigation – intended parents $126.00 - $402.00

Legal Fees
- Drafting of Gestational Surrogacy Contract for Intended Parents $1,500 - 2,750.00
- Review Gestational Surrogacy Contract on behalf of Surrogate $750.00
- Establish Parentage $2,500.00 - 3550.00
- Trust Account Management $850.00 - 1,000.00

Psychological Support
- Monthly surrogate support group meeting in addition to 90 minutes of phone/email support each month for Surrogate and Intended Parents, phone support pre & post embryo transfer, post pregnancy test, and post partum $2,500.00

Other Costs Paid by Intended Parents
- Insurance verification of private health insurance policy (as needed) $ 75.00
- Term Life Insurance Policy of $250,000 for surrogate (approximate cost) $ 300.00
- Surrogate’s medical insurance monthly premiums (approximate cost if using her own insurance) $ 5,400.00
- Hotel and travel arrangements for surrogate during embryo transfer and physician mandated bed rest (approximate costs may vary) $1,500.00
- Surrogate’s compensation for lost wages if surrogate is employed in the event of physician ordered rest (costs will vary)
- Medications for surrogate during IVF process and pregnancy (costs will vary)
- Professional Fees to your IVF physician for embryo transfer cycle (costs will vary)
- Monitoring for surrogate if she lives outside the area of your IVF physician (costs will vary)

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