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National Cancer Centre Singapore (Singapore, Singapore)

Contact Information

  • 11 Hospital Drive
  • Alexandra
  • +65 6236 9433
  • +65 6536 0611
  • 24 hour emergency

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National Cancer Centre Singapore Introduction


The National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) has through the years evolved to become one of the leading regional centres for the research and treatment of cancer. Undoubtedly, it is home to the largest number of researchers, surgeons and oncologists attending to the growing number of cancer patients. Since it became a national cancer centre in 1999, it has pioneered the one-stop multi-disciplinary approach, where today the doctors also sub-specialise to have an edge in developing a deeper understanding of the various cancer types. With the NCCS attracting the best talents in the research and medical community, it has been able to provide the best in cancer care.

In many areas, NCCS has remained in the forefront. It introduced the palliative medical care, established the first mammogram suite, set up the psychosocial oncology unit and introduced many innovative services for the patients. In 2004, NCCS pioneered the use of fluorescence diagnosis and drug-induced light therapy to diagnose and treat cancer. It introduced the first linear accelerator with intensity modulated radiotherapy and respiratory (IMRT) gating capabilities to improve tumour coverage and decrease the side effects of treatments. NCCS acquired a 64-slice multi-detector computed tomography device to advance early detection and treatment of cancer. Subsequently, it introduced the Images-Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT) which enhanced radiation treatment.

To cater to the needs of an increasing number of cancer survivors, the NCCS runs an active cancer survivors programme with the support of its doctors and other allied medical health staffs.

As part of NCCS belief in learning and sharing, in 2005 it joined eight other national cancer centres in Asia to promote cancer advocacy and research. In 2007, the NCCS-Van Andel Research Institute to promote sharing of medical knowledge and research expertise was launched. In 2008, NCCS was involved in the development of anti-cancer compounds and training programmes in a significant collaboration with Manchester Cancer Centre, AstraZeneca UK Ltd, The Christie Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, The University of Manchester and several universities and institutions.

Today, we tend to almost 75% of the cancer patients in Singapore and about 10% of foreign patients in the region. The future holds much promise as NCCS relentlessly pursue a robust research-based approach to confront the disease. Together with its patients, who are benefiting from this approach, NCCS is grateful to the corporate supporters and donors for their financial support for cancer research.

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Awards & Accreditations:



Honors / Awards:

- Singapore Health Quality Service Award 2013
- SingHealth Excellence Award - Distinguished Researcher Award 2013
- SingHealth Publish! Award Outstanding Award 2013
- Medical Research Award 2013
- Medical Research Award 2013
- National Day Award 2012
- NCCS C.A.R.E Excellence Award 2012
- Tan Chin Tuan Nursing Award 2012
- NMRC Clinician Scientist Award 2012
- Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 2012 International Prize (Asia)
- Singapore Science and Engineering Fair 2012 - Silver Award

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