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Dental Implants Abroad Can Save You up to $3,000

A dental implant in the U.S. costs around $4,000— $3,500 in the U.K. The same procedure can be done in Thailand for as little as $1,500, Turkey: $1,000, Mexico, Costa Rica and Colombia: $850.

BioDent (Prague, Czech Republic)

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  • Uruguayska 13
  • Prague 2
  • +420 776 428 606, +420 222 542 332

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ISO 9001

BioDent Introduction


Our dental clinic BioDent your idea of dental treatment methods will change to the better. We conduct teeth examination and treatment in conditions of absolute sanitary hygiene and sterility, ensuring complete safety for the patient. In our medical cabinet you are waiting in comfortable chairs with high-technology, multifunctionality of which will provide you with maximum comfort and will help us to achieve the desired result. We use effective painkillers, which will help you calmly and painlessly bear all manipulations with your teeth or gums.

Our medical staff, during all treatment process, will be careful, constantly and with full responsibility taking care of you.

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English, Czech

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- ISO 9001

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