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ISCARE (Prague, Czech Republic)

Contact Information

  • Jankovcova 1569/2c
  • Prague 7
  • +420 777 999 224, +420 234 770 260

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ISO 9001, ISO 14001

ISCARE Introduction


The clinical centre of assisted reproduction, ISCARE, was founded in 1994 as a first private clinic specialized in reproductive medicine in the Czech Republic. Since its foundation, the team of IVF specialists has helped to birth of more than 7500 children.

ISCARE, with more than 1100 IVF cycles on a yearly basis, ranks among three biggest centres of assisted reproduction in the Czech Republic. Its stable success rate well above 40% proves proficiency comparable to the topmost European facilities. 

Its location in Prague, so called heart of the Europe, makes ISCARE ideal destination for clients seeking a combination of top medical services and pleasant holiday. The clinical centre is situated in the centre of Prague, at the bank of the river Vltava. Due to its location, it is easily accessible within 30 min from the airport.

The goal of ISCARE is to provide its clients with high quality service and treat each one individually to satisfy their wants and needs and deliver the desired result. Every client automatically becomes a part of the clinic’s large family and is treated this way. As a proof of this behavior ISCARE hosts a yearly gathering of happy couples and their children. In 2007, ISCARE was registered in the Guiness World Records Book for the largest gathering of children born as a result of an artificial insemination.  

Language Support:

English, Czech

Awards & Accreditations:


- ISO 9001
- ISO 14001

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