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2011's Leaders are...

The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons declared that the US performed over 1 million plastic surgery procedures in 2011. Brazil, China, and Japan also performed top numbers of cosmetic surgeries.

Czech Medical Tours (Prague, Czech Republic)

Contact Information

  • Karlovo Náměstí 3
  • Prague 2
  • +420 725 858 506

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Czech Medical Tours Introduction


Czech Medical Tours procures the best quality medical care in a wide range of medical fields - from preventive care and treatment of diseases of affluence to treatment of the most complex diagnoses, including oncology diagnoses.

We cooperate with specialists and the best medical doctors in Prague and Karlovy Vary. Of course, at the client’s request, we can arrange the medical examination and tourist activities within the whole Czech Republic.

Czech Medical Tours is the only agency in the Czech Republic which also offers clients from all over the world a consultation on their state of health in the form of a second opinion.

Czech Medical Tours has its own outpatient health centre; its undoubted advantage is also the excellent transport accessibility from Václav Havel Airport Prague to the centre of Prague.

Language Support:

English, Czech

Payment Options:


Services & Rate:

- Cardiology
- Neurology
- Paediatrics
- Immunology
- Orthopaedics
- Endocrinology
- Pneumology
- Otolaryngology
- Dental
- Eye surgery
- Bariatric surgeries
- Plastic surgery
- Infertility

Total knee joint replacement (EUR 7,490) 
Total hip joint replacement (EUR 6,590) 
Post-operative rehabilitation after joint replacement  (EUR 2,990
Knee arthroscopy (EUR 1,190) 
Knee reconstructive arthroscopy (ligament reconstruction) (EUR 2,190) 
Shoulder arthroscopy (EUR 1,890) 
Outpatient treatment of displaced intervertebral disc – epidural block (EUR 490) 
Operation of lumbar intervertebral disc – 1 segment (EUR 8,990)
Post-operative rehabilitation after spine surgery (EUR 2,990) 
Gall bladder laparoscopy (EUR 2,490
Magnetic resonance 1 area within VIP term of 48 hours (EUR 790) 
Magnetic resonance within standard term of 2-4 weeks (EUR 450) 
CT (computed tomography) 1 area (EUR 290)
Ultrasound examination 1 area  (EUR 190)  
Diagnostic gastroscopy – according to specific demands (EUR 300 - 400) 

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