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The MTQUA explored medical tourism hospitals by high-quality care and patient safety. With these criteria, they put together a 2013 list of top 10 medical tourism hospitals in the world-- and 7 of them were in Asia!

New Contour Plastic Surgery (Budapest, Hungary)

Contact Information

  • Délibáb street 19.
  • District VI
  • +36 1 351 1250, +36 30 590 9064

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New Contour Plastic Surgery Introduction


We would like to offer our plastic surgery services to you, serving your safety and comfort in the atmosphere of a private clinic and the safe background of a hospital. We founded the New Contour Plastic Surgery in 1990 as one of the first private practices in our country.

We use modern, internationally accepted operation techniques, high quality equipments, materials and instruments, which we have been innovating and renewing continuously along the years. Our colleagues are highly trained professionals with years or decades of expertise.

We also provide the possibility of computer modeling the expected results of certain aesthetic and reconstructive procedures. Since 1992, procedure by procedure we have been comparing the achieved results of each operation with the results of the previous computer modeling. The analysis of these always smaller differences helps us in a modeling which is always more and more precise. 

The thorough questioning (regarding patient history), the detailed examination and the consultation before the mirror, the written expert's report and the detailed information serve to get the best possible results, and minimize the risks. 

We have considered it obvious even since 1990, that after every consultation we give a detailed, written plastic surgical expert's report with the suggested and not suggested procedures to our patients, containing also the required examinations and conditions, and a detailed price quotation as well - without having to ask for it. Regarding this, even nowadays we are alone in our country.

We believe that this makes the professional reputation and confidence of our plastic surgery stronger, because “writings remain”, but the words discredited so many times “fly away”. For all the individual attendance and care and personal atmosphere dedicated to you, our prices are remarkably lower than usual in Western-Europe. Please call us, thank you for your confidence!

Language Support:

English, Hungarian

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