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Medical Tourism is Thriving in India

Especially in the country’s healthcare capital, Chennai, where the cost of treatment is sometimes 1/10th of what it runs you in America or the UK, and where scores of specialty hospitals attract an estimated 150 Medical Tourists every day!

Vargas Scott Clinic (San Jose, Costa Rica)

Contact Information

  • 3260-1000 Vargas Scott Clinic
  • Pavas
  • +506 2232 1997, +506 2290 3604
  • +506 2232 1914

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Vargas Scott Clinic Introduction


In Vargas Scott Clinic we strive to serve all our patients in an assertive, respectful, private, and friendly manner.

We are a clinic with 21 years of continuous work offering the best techniques in the field of cosmetic plastic surgery, as well as the latest in cutting edge technology. Accompanying this clinic are excellent profiles of professionals headed by Dr. Carlos Vargas Scott a recognized surgeon nationally and internationally, member of the IBCS (International Board of Cosmetic Surgery). 

We have expert staff in all different areas of patient care, such as medical, cosmetic, and administrative. All this in order to satisfy consultations, procedures, and customer service that make our service completely customized stand out.

Language Support:

English, Spanish

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