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Korea Attracts Big 3 Medical Tourists

The three nations with the most Korea-bound medical tourists are China, the U.S., and Japan, according to industry data. Chinese medical tourists made up the largest share, with some 32,000 seeking treatment in Korea in 2012.

Cosmetic Surgery Costa Rica Newlook (San Jose, Costa Rica)

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  • Costa Rica Newlook
  • San José
  • +1 239 331 5601

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Cosmetic Surgery Costa Rica Newlook Introduction


With more than 15 years of experience treating men and women who wish to improve their appearance and health, Cosmetic Surgery Costa Rica New Look (Plastic Surgery Abroad) has put together the perfect package that balances the lowest prices and the best values worldwide.

Based on our experience and knowledge of patient's needs, we have carefully selected only the best and most experienced Board Certified Doctors.

Our patients receive personalized attention from the moment they step out of the airport. They are carefully monitored every step of the way to ensure their safety and offer them the best quality care. We cater to patients who desire a service that is fully customized and exceeds national and international standards. If this is the kind of high level service you are looking for, Costa Rica New Look is the program you need.

All surgeries and treatments are performed by board certified doctors and plastic surgeons trained in the United States and Costa Rica and have many years of surgical and medical experience in the specialties of our Plastic Surgery Costa Rica Program.

Language Support:

English, Spanish

Major Patients came from:

United States

Awards & Accreditations:


Walton Health Group

Payment Options:


Services & Rate:

Plastic Surgery
- Breast Enhancement
- Breast Implants
- Breast Augmentation
- Breast Reduction
- Breast Lift
- Breast Reconstruction
- Tram Flap Surgery
- Breast Cancer
- Male Breast Reduction
- Liposculpture
- Liposuction
- Abdominoplasty
- Tummy Tuck
- Arm Lift
- Lower Body Lift
- Buttock Implants
- Buttock Lift
- Thigh Lift
- Rhinoplasty
- Blepharoplasty
- Face Lift Surgery
- Brow Lift
- Chin Implants
- Cheek Implants
- Lip Augmentation
- Botox ®
- Restylane
- Collagen Injection
- Dermabrasion
- Fat Injection
- Radiesse

Orthognathic Surgery
- Dental Implants
- Surgical Procedure
- Implant Treatment
- Implant Treatment
- Bone Grafts
- Sinus lift Procedure
- Ridge Augmentation
- Ridge Augmentation
- Orthognathic Surgery
- Facial Trauma
- Oral Pathology
- TMJ Disorders
- Wisdom Teeth
- Distraction Osteogenesis

Cosmetic Dentistry
- Dental Implant
- Porcelain Veneers
- Lumineers ®
- Teeth Whitening
- Amalgam Removal
- Sleep Sedation Teeth
- Composite Resins
- Composite Resins
- Inlays/Onlays
- Dental Crowns
- Dental Bridges
- Complete Dentures
- Partial Dentures
- Mouth Rehabilitations

Bariatric Surgery
- Weight Loss Surgery
- Morbid Obesity
- Photo Gallery
- Bariatric Surgeons
- Procedures & Treatments
- Gastric Bypass
- Gastric Band
- Lap Band ®
- Sleeve Gastrectomy

Orthopedic Surgery
- Arthroscopy Innerview
- Knee Arthroscopy
- Cruciate Ligament
- Osteochondral Grafting
- Knee Osteotomy
- Knee Replacements
- Hip Replacements
- Ankle Arthroscopy
- Shoulder Injuries

General Surgery
- Appendectomy
- Cholecystectomy
- Hemorrhoidectomy
- Inguinal Hernias
- Incisional Hernia Repair
- Partial Colectomy
- Thyroid Goiter

Cancer Treatment and Surgery
- Skin Cancer
- Colon Cancer
- Thyroid Cancer
- Breast Cancer
- Breast Biopsy
- Mastectomy
- Surgical Oncology 

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