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Medical Tourism is Thriving in India

Especially in the country’s healthcare capital, Chennai, where the cost of treatment is sometimes 1/10th of what it runs you in America or the UK, and where scores of specialty hospitals attract an estimated 150 Medical Tourists every day!

Marshfield Clinic (Wisconsin, United States)

Contact Information

  • 1000 North Oak Avenue, Marshfield
  • Wood
  • +1 800 782 8581 79220
  • Mon - Fri: 07.00 a.m.- 06.00 p.m.

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Marshfield Clinic Introduction


Transforming Lives for More than 30 Years
You can achieve lasting weight loss success with the help of the experienced bariatric team at Marshfield Clinic. Our program provides comprehensive care under one roof. Our doctors work together as a team, providing surgery, primary care, psychiatric assistance, dietary counseling and physical therapy. This advantage streamlines the process and smooths insurance authorization (we even do your insurance paperwork for you). 

Our team has answers to your questions on all aspects of the process, including:
• Bariatric surgery options available and what procedure is best for each individual
• Dietary and lifestyle changes
• Timeframes and insurance 
• Follow-up care, education and support

Bariatric surgery is not something anyone should take lightly – it is, after all, surgery – but it is truly a life-saving option for many people. Bariatric surgery is a proven method to dramatically improve your health status and add years to your life

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Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence®

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Cash, Personal Cheque, Bank Transfer, AMEX, Visa, Master Card

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