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IVF Athens Center (Athens, Greece)

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  • Kifisias 5
  • Marousi
  • +30 21 0685 9500, +30 21 0685 9502
  • +30 21 0685 9503

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ISO 9001

IVF Athens Center Introduction


The IVF Athens Center started operating 6 years ago, in order to fulfill a vision: to help as many couples as possible to experience the miracle of birth of their own child!

All these years we have managed to pore over the problems of infertile couples having as principle the provision of real, honest, and qualitative help to those in need, without any ''discount'' in the scientific consistency and ethics. The constant adaptation of the IVF Athens Center to the continuous developments of science, the excellent infrastructure, the familiar and friendly environment as well as the highly trained manpower - doctors and staff - give us the pleasure to lead safely and responsibly the infertile couples who come to us to the achievement of their goal. A goal that every day in the majority of cases becomes a reality.

Every couple coming to the IVF Athens Center is unique and every child born, thanks to our help, consists a small victory for us and gives us great satisfaction and happiness. And this is the feeling that makes us continue our work passionately! I welcome you to the IVF Athens Center and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for honoring us with your trust.

The IVF Athens Center has been operating since March 2007 by medical and scientific staff with at least ten years of experience in Greece and abroad in the field of Assisted Reproduction.

Since then, many couples have experienced the miracle of birth thanks to our help, as all these years we have consistently high success rates, and

More than 3,000 children confirm the effectiveness of our methods!
Particularly we have

70% of successful pregnancy attempts and more than 55% of childbirths on first attempt in women under the age of 35 years old, and
20% of successful pregnancies in women aged between 39-44 years old when the corresponding international rate reaches only 11%!

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English, Greek

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- ISO 9001

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