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Your looks, your teeth, and your heart affect you on a daily basis, and that is why medical tourists are traveling abroad to fix these things. For medical tourism, cosmetic surgery, dentistry, and cardiovascular treatments ranked highest in popularity!

MeDiKemos Hair Transplantation (Brussels, Belgium)

Contact Information

  • 263 Avenue Brugmann
  • Uccle
  • +32 2535 5540
  • +32 2416 6707

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MeDiKemos Hair Transplantation Introduction


Dr Lupanzula will welcome you to his clinic, located in the heart of Brussels, in a new designer setting that will provide you with the discretion you deserve and respect your privacy.

To make your stay comfortable, the clinic has been well equipped with rooms including all the latest tools and technologies and advanced surgical microscopes.

We value and practice meticulous hygiene very strictly, especially in terms of our facilities, staff and sterilization in order to safeguard your health, ensure your comfort and assure you the best possible hair transplantation experience under the best conditions.

Language Support:

English, French

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