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Thailand's #1 Hotel Spa

According to the 2013 World Luxury Hotel Awards, eforea: Spa at Hilton, Hilton Pattaya and Spa Intercontinential, Bangkok are the best luxury hotel spa in Thailand. The country constantly represents for medical tourism, so these facility are the best of the best. 

Istanbul Hair Center (Istanbul, Turkey)

Contact Information

  • Gazeteciler Sitesi Sağlam Fikir Sokak No : 5 Esentepe
  • Sisli
  • +90 212 343 13 10, +90 531 220 84 17
  • +90 212 343 88 02

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Istanbul Hair Center Introduction


İstanbul Hair Center Hair Transplantation Center, is an expert institution which offers service for many years in hair transplantation and hair treatment with its expert staff who achieved thousands of hair transplantations successfully.

Why To Choose İstanbul Hair Center?

Treatment in fully equipped hospitals with expert staff under sterilized and safe conditions.

Hair transplantation is made by the expert Plastic Surgeons and professional staff.
Hair transplantation is made through scientific methods.

FUE method which can not be fully applied in many countries around the world, is applied by us perfectly through our own experience.

100% natural appearance is offered both in donor and in transplantation areas and our doctor and the whole team is quite successful.

Guaranteeing the number of grafts which is a very important detail in hair transplantation is a feature which differentiates us from other hair transplantation centers

No surprise costs by informing the patients about the real number of grafts which is actually required by the patient

In case of demand, the patients may watch the interview videos of previous patients or may talk face to face with them for the quoins marks in their minds to be removed - In İstanbul Şişli Hair Center Clinic, hair consultation is offered free of charge

Language Support:

English, Turkish

Payment Options:


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