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IVF Namba Clinic (Osaka, Japan)

Contact Information

  • 550-0015 1-17-28 Minamihorie Nishiku
  • Osaka city
  • + 81 1 2088 2428
  • Mon-Sat: 9:00a.m. - 17:00p.m.

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IVF Namba Clinic Introduction


IVF NAMBA CLINIC is a fertility center for patients suffering from male and female infertility. Our hospital has contributed to develop infertility treatment and we have offered the most-advanced infertility knowledge and technology including external fertilization and micro fertilization. We also proudly have many specialists about male infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss. 

IVF NAMBA CLINIC now focuses on providing integrated care with patients. We consult other specialists, such as psychological counselor, and nutritionist, for positively genetic counseling of infertility. 
We established a new method for infertility with an electron microscope for the first time, which have been widely evaluated and used all over the world. We aim at interchange ideas and information not only from domestic hospitals but also from foreign countries. 

We attempt to achieve the shortest way to pregnancy with "Healing" and "Comfort".

Language Support:

English, Japanese

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