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Americans Would Rather Travel Than Pay High Costs

Affordable, quality care apparently trumps the commitment to travel. Approximately 50 million uninsured Americans are choosing medical tourism rather than pay for medical care in the US.

Spa Silavadee (Pattaya/Chonburi, Thailand)

Contact Information

  • 157/168 M.5 Soi Naklua 18, Pattaya-Naklua Rd, Banglamung
  • Banglamung
  • +6638 371 447
  • +6638 371 449
  • Everyday 10.00 a.m.- 10.00 p.m.

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Spa Silavadee Introduction


The “Silavadee” takes its name “Sila” from the stone or crystal combine with “Vadee” means Good, Beauty and Precious So, “Silavadee” present a unique of day spa in a new concept to use the power of precious stone for healing your Health Beauty and Relaxation. Great Experience, Sensing the Moment SPA SILAVADEE, PATTAYA, offer standard of excellence service and oriental contemporary decoration place; our atmosphere will accommodate your unique taste. Take pleasure in savoring the spectacular views of the beautiful surroundings and we use “Color Therapy” for healing emotional by. “Orange” is joyfulness, release, pleasure “Violet” is Clams body and balances mind Relaxation. “Green” is promotes balance. “Yellow” is detachment.

The Silavadee places special emphasis the use of aromatherapy and the sense of touch in the pampering of the body, mind and soul. Enjoy your treatment that combines the technique from contemporary holistic, non-clinical and exotic feeling. You will never forgot upon arrival is our friendly service. “Time to enjoy spa experience at perfect place to relax and rejuvenate your Body, Mind & Soul”

Language Support:

Thai, English

Payment Options:

Cash, AMEX, Visa, Master Card

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