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Growth of Worldwide Medical Tourism Market

The worldwide medical tourism market is estimately growing at a rate of 25-35% annually. The high cost of health care and long wait times for some procedures still remain the major factors for growth.

Samahita Retreat (Koh Samui, Thailand)

Contact Information

  • 55/20-24 Moo 4, T.Namnuang
  • all areas in Samui
  • +6677 920 090, +6677 920 091
  • Everyday 7.00 am - 9 pm.

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Samahita Retreat Introduction


We have long believed that a place like home can exist that is totally dedicated to personal growth and the upliftment of each and every individual through personal effort. A place which emphasizes and thus helps educate people about living healthy and embodies all that is spiritual without being limited by a group or identity. A place which sticks to its ideals, beliefs and principles without having to compromise on quality, value and integrity just to survive in this modern, commercial world. The best we found was to live the path, do the practice, employ our skills to organize, plan and serve, and then offer this home to everyone who has an interest. This is our story where we believe in a healthy and spiritual way to live and finding a way to make it work today.

My direct path in Yoga began in 1995. By 1999 into 2000 Centered Yoga had become a reality and by 2003 Samahita Yoga Thailand had officially come to be. Late 2008 sees the opening of the new fully built home for Samahita Yoga Thailand, which is now known as Samahita Retreat. It has been a long journey over many years keeping a vision in mind from a dedication to practice, growth and the belief in inwardly empowering all who care without the need for compromise.

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Thai, English

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