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Growth of Worldwide Medical Tourism Market

The worldwide medical tourism market is estimately growing at a rate of 25-35% annually. The high cost of health care and long wait times for some procedures still remain the major factors for growth.

Medical Providers

International healthcare providers are basically the institutions that offer various types of healthcare services to people coming from different parts of the world. Individuals, communities and families get diverse health benefits like rehabilitative, preventive and curative health care services in a systematic and sophisticated way.

These institutions, or say medical providers, facilitate modern medical centers that render diverse affordable healthcare services to thousands of people from around the world. Here in this section on our website, you can easily find all necessary information about medical providers, their locations, facilities, and costs. Besides, you will also know about various agencies that can plan your travel for you.


Everyone knows what a hospital is, and how it is an unavoidable need for human being to ensure a healthy life. As the world has made advancements in different fields, hospitals too have become even more modern and equipped with innovative set of machines and instruments.

Being more humane, several NGOs, corporate bodies, and the government have established multiple international hospitals. There are interna... Read More

Specialist Clinics

Specialist clinics are basically the clinics run by medical professionals who are experts in certain area of medical subjects. There are thousands of specialist accredited clinics worldwide that provide expert health care services to the people who need them.

Such specialist clinics can be of different types in terms of their areas of treatments and their managements. There are clinics managed by government... Read More


A spa property is a place where people go to get personal care treatments and relax. Traditionally it is associated with water but now extends to the use of a lot of other ingredients like natural oils, lotions and other beautifying minerals. Spas are quite popular worldwide and are now a luxury.

Most hotels offer some spa facilities at least where guests can unwind and spend time being pampered. The type... Read More

Medical Tourism Agencies

If you are looking for overseas medical travel you could consider taking the help of a medical tourism agency. A medical company will take care of the hard work for you. They are also known as medical tourism facilitators.

The agency will search out the best global healthcare available and provide support throughout the leg of the medical tour. Many medical tourism agencies have certifications that can rein... Read More

Medical Tourism Insurance Companies

Medical tourism insurance companies are the latest entrants to the health tourism business. Trends in medical tourism indicate that prospective patients tend to prefer companies that sell specially tailored insurance products that aid medical travel.

Medical tourism and its insurance is a result of globalization of healthcare. A number of South East Asian and European countries are meeting the healthcare de... Read More